I had a hankering for a spot to muse and, in the frustration of setting up a Patreon creators page from my phone, remembered this exists. What luck!

Today’s topic has been, hours in the day. I tend to want way more than actually exist. Just catching this place up in an intimate blow by blow fashion seems like a book - but hey there are only a few dozen projects that need my attention... including a few books.

I have worldly needs like anybody else - and ain‘t it a thing when you’re used to living life in panic mode to admit that even to one’s self.

But then I am involved with so many awesome things that also have needs to be things independent of me. I make more all the time, existing as an artists and then actively working with other creators.

There seems to be a powerful calling from the world to me to go ‘head and be the creator I’ve been since I can remember, like I’ve cut sharp enough teeth getting by working on other people’s creative endeavors.

I’d like for there to be a shift in focus for me, from needful projects to worthwhile projects. I’m starting to have to fight hard for the joy in creation that positioned me to be a professional in the arts in the first place, and all the activism that innately goes along with telling your truth.

On top of that, I need more time for projects unrelated to music that remain deeply meaningful to me, specifically helping in the reimagining how we approach solar and wind energy.

So, with a heavy heart that I can’t work with everyone, and that some projects are inevitably going to go by the wayside or change face dramatically - let the predator energy into my schedule, it’s Friday night and I feel like howling.

if you’d like to help the projects that remain standing, or give your opinion as to which should, and get exclusive sneak peaks into books, paintings, and music madness For the trouble, please stay tuned for the upcoming launch of the Patreon page on which you can do exactly that.



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