Look, Ma, there's merch!

Hey- it's definitely 1 in the morning but I'm feeling pretty jazzed about the updates -

I've never held my music in any format but a burned CD. And these are so pretty!! Sleek CD wallets and damn hipster lookin red audio cassettes. Time has been spent trying to ensure the process of receiving the things is as special as the effort that went into creating them.

It's been a looooooooong year for social media - this time 2020 I was organizing a tiny but much beloved songwriter showcase in Boulder. Then the studio date for this record seemed to get canceled forever when lock down happened. And like a solid portion of the planet I got bored and depressed and discovered TikTok. Then my boyfriend got shot defending press and medics at the first BLM protests in Denver and - here we are.

Integrating the musician I've always been into this new terrain has been challenging. It's hard not to feel exploitative when you know the most important thing you got to speak on is not your craft. It's an ongoing existential dilemma, and I'm ecstatically grateful for the supportive feedback of the online community I've come to know and love.

My heart doesn't know what to do with so many blessings at a time of so much personal distress. All I can do is focus on honoring the work.

And there is so much good work to do.

Much love from the night owls.


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