“... brought an immediate smile and great vibe to me. When that can happen out the blue, you know you’re on to something good!”

-Avery Jacob of AveryJ and the BA


“She’ll turn up places and have written a song on the way, and what’s almost irritating is, they’re all complete songs, and they’re never bad, and they’re often amazing.”

-Miles Wilder, musician/composer

“Veronique produces songs like how trees produce oxygen for humans. She's a true songstress, and when I say, "She can SANG!", I say with sincerity that she's one of the most versatile and great singers in Denver. Blues, Jazz, Soul, Gospel, Pop, etc.... V's humble brag hides all of this though! Yet, her professionalism and talent won't keep her hidden for too long!”

-Lee Clark Allen of Lee Clark Allen Band

“One of my favorite people.”

-Chris Ridenhour, film composer

“Veronique has an extraordinary voice by every definition. I am always eager to discover what essential experience she has captured in her latest song. Her music will uplift, entertain, and break you.”

-Hans Schweitzer, friend and fan

Music bio:


Veronique Van Pelt is a singer-songwriter from Elbert County. Her lyrics explore grit, tenderness, being lost, and getting lost -- all with an empathy and a feminist sensibility that are at once timely and timeless. The words are given life by one of the most vibrant vocal ranges this side of the Continental Divide. The result is a canvas of piano and vocals.

These are songs that continue talking to you (and to each other) days after the performance has ended. Veronique Van Pelt is the Front Range's answer to Halsey, Bonnie Raitt, and Sara Bareilles-- all rolled into one.


Veronique Van Pelt is a freakishly prolific songwriter, advanced pop vocalist and multi instrumentalist whose music has been featured on MTV and at She has multiple studio projects set to release including the second half of an experimental artpop album project Veronique Van Pelt's Nonesuch Palace and triple country blues LP project commencing with Who Is Bette Southern?

The daughter of a New York cabaret singer and a Colorado cowboy, Veronique began formal vocal training with her mother when she was three and began coaching others on Top 40 technique before going to University of Southern California at age 16. While getting her B. of Sc. in Music Industry from Thornton School of Music she began working in music for TV while developing a following in Los Angeles, fronting 5 bands in a thirst to understand the mechanics of music production.

She abandoned music to experience time in the ecoluxury design industry to inevitably return to continued vibrant collaboration. In addition to album projects, coaching, work as a session musician and songwriter for hire, she created a precovid recurring event which flourished as the Deep Cuts Showcase, a songwriting showcase devoted to presenting excellence in songwriting. She also created a cooperative label concept known as COLA Records designed with the goal of one day releasing her mother’s 1972 jazz pop LP. She continues to record from home for international music clientele including film.

Crediting in part the intensity of her synesthesia, in addition to songwriting and painting in with multiple media including gunpowder, she writes books of nonfiction, fiction, and poetry in her spare time, including the dual realism non-sequential romantic adventure novella accompanying her recent art pop album Veronique Van Pelt’s Nonesuch Palace.

Personal bio:

So a cowboy and a debutante got married in Las Vegas and shortly thereafter created a walking spaghetti western destined for a life of paradoxes.


Surprisingly, this union didn’t work out that well or for long. On top of that the family fortune collapsed leaving the deb with a lavish Colorado ranch and its bills, and a deep well into which to inspect a life spent half heartedly as a cabaret singer and a heart that has always been happiest with animals, in the wake of her beloved father’s passing.


A network of families built of concerned satellite players grew around her toddler (me). At one point, both my parents were seen to be so unreliable, the courts awarded temporary guardianship of lil me to a Lebanese American immigrant couple - I’m so proud of my adopted parents. I’m also deeply proud to be considered the adopted daughter of an honest to goodness Wyoming mountain man and veterinarian.


Also shockingly, a degree of naïveté led the cabaret debutante down some strange roads in the mission of ending suffering for animals, some successful in that mission, some not, all the while converting the once stately country spread to a strange land, dilapidated world of boxcars and broken people, a Wild West that grew around her daughter as she matured among generally reformed desperados and Vietnam vets. 


And so many dogs, cats, horses, goats, rabbits, pot bellied pigs, and wolves. There were always wolves.


So when I say I was raised by wolves, I understand when people just sort of laugh and the conversation continues on. 


I was pretty, like my folks, but it took years for me to embrace this as a feature about me that amounted to more than unwanted sexual advances including assault since I was 8 years old.


Mysteriously this background didn’t make me as hearty as you might think, what with the sundry poisonings and kidnapping and that one time we fled the ranch - but along with half her looks and voice I got some of my double Ivy League graduate mama’s brain. 


So I soaked up the elite New York vocal training  with which she came to train others in on occasion and got myself to a coast by age 16 through a scholarship at University of Southern California. I swear I resisted the music industry program but ultimately I ain’t a history major.


Fast forward through a couple breakdowns mentally and physically, getting discovered by a film composer who is still a dear friend, an engagement that was meant to stay a friendship creating a perfect baby, codirecting a design company that’s flowered into a renewables project, always creating content in the form of songs, poems, books, paintings - anything - and starting from scratch pulled from the edge of starvation by my adopted dad on his ranch on the Colorado prairie.


I launched a series of videos, rediscovered my friend and first bandmate ever Alex Scott as an accomplished touring musician turned studio owner, and we kinda just started making albums. I started recording for a clientele that spreads from Australia to Peru as well as continuing to record for film.


And apparently it was too confusing for somebody who looks and talks like me to sing jazz in Denver, so a long strange story and many in-jokes with fellow farmkid friends, Bette Southern and her band was born - 


Then Covid took away the promise of going from honky-tonk to honky-tonk lovingly tricking/educating audiences into applauding a stage full of queerfolk with a burlesque dancer, and it became apparent that black lives matter is not yet a self evident American truth.


These days I spend much of my time doing redneck education for BLM on TikTok or as I was recently dubbed, Woke Redneck TikTok. Please check out our Y’allidarity Store, proceeds benefitting Unicorn Riot.