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Veronique Van Pelt, the versatile singer-songwriter from Elbert County, Colorado, explores grit, tenderness, and the complexities of life through her empathetic and feminist lens in a way that feels both contemporary and timeless.


Veronique's songs have a lasting impact, continuing to resonate with listeners long after the performance has ended, drawing comparisons to Halsey, Bonnie Raitt, and Sara Bareilles.  Her captivating voice resonates globally on airwaves and in cinematic experiences, while her original videos amass millions of views. 


TikTok enthusiasts affectionately dubbed her 'the woke redneck’ for the fearless advocacy for human rights that has so far attracted a six-figure following to her page.  She tackles a wide range of critical issues, from anti-racism and confronting artificial scarcity, to raising awareness about human trafficking and championing children's rights.


As a trauma-informed elite top 40 vocal coach with two decades of teaching experience, Veronique offers valuable insights into vocal health and expression.  She has spent the past couple years on partial sabbatical, delving into the relationship between trauma and voice, including trans vocal transition, while also penning a gripping book and accompanying novella inspired by personal hardships.


Veronique is a prolific songwriter sought after by clients worldwide in multiple languages.  She's also a professional fine artist skilled in digital art, painting, and even gunpowder.  Her albums are intricate tapestries that draw upon her multidisciplinary talents to craft rich and diverse universes.  Despite adversity, she purposefully weaves a complex mythos around her two interconnected musical sagas, 'Nonesuch Palace' in the realm of art pop and 'Bette Southern' in the world of rebel country.  Additional EPs and LPs are queued up, awaiting their moment in this compelling narrative.


Veronique currently finds herself in Los Angeles where she raises her beloved daughter with the same unwavering commitment she brings to all her passions.

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