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Choose your pricing plan

  • 4 session package

    recommended starter package to set vocal technique
    Valid for 2 months
    • Private Coaching Session
    • 4 session vocal coaching package
  • Family Music Teacher

    Every 3 months
    perfect for families looking for regular music pedagogy
    • 25% discount on 4 kids sessions per month ($37.50/lesson)
    • Includes 4 session starter package for healthy vocals
    • Develop well rounded music skills (theory, piano, etc)
    • Appropriate for both beginner and gifted musicians
    • Transferrable lessons (share with a sibling or a friend)
    • Unused sessions rollover to next month (limit 4, max 8)
    • Free in-depth parent-teacher check-ins on goals and progress
  • On Call Pro Coaching

    Every month
    the whole nine yards of elite pro vocal coaching service
    • Learn to self-coach your voice
    • Develop consistent, well honed technique + muscle memory
    • Maintain peak performance conditioning
    • Direct on call SMS and email access
    • Transferrable sessions (share with friend or loved one)
    • Develop related skills as desired - includes songwriting etc
    • One on location session per month with no travel fee
    • Short notice booking (1 per month)
    • Unused sessions rollover to next month (limit 4, max 8)
  • Maintenance Plan

    Every month
    like a light gym membership for your voice
    • 1 coaching session per month
    • Personalized tips, exercises + checkins sent by email or SMS
    • Direct on call SMS and email access for questions/concerns
    • Unused sessions rollover to next month (max 12)
    • Transferrable sessions- feelin solid? Share with a loved one
    • Not limited to vocals - access to all my skill sets
    • Ideal for pros wanting to insure best vocal health
  • Songwriting Coach

    Every month
    3 sessions per month - let's work on your album :)
    Valid for 3 months
    • Learn pro songwriting habits + tricks
    • Lyric and melody crafting, together and separately
    • Direct SMS and email contact for feedback and advice
    • Music theory fundamentals + beyond, depending on your goals
    • Developing poetry + prose skills to enhance lyrical prowess
    • Personally curated musicology/music history studies
    • Learn time trial songwriting - fast results
    • Co-writing available - experience a real writing team
    • Tips and tricks of multi-genre commission songwriters
    • Demo production
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