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Hi Lenise! (:

I related so much to how you talked about the recording process - I’m a mom, but I still think of my songs like they’re also my kids.  I gotta do right by ‘em by finding the right producer so they can have a chance at living a rich life of their own beyond me, and I write hundreds in all sorts of genres - musical Mother Hubbard XD


1000% no expectations - it’s just fun to send stuff to folks who actually listen :) I hope to see you again at CBC, and that you have an excellent week!


Studio references:

electro art pop fantasia

down home country ditty

studio single take

current fav phone demos:

Stargazer new phone demo 3_17_23
Mama Octopus phone demo 6_26_21

ghost of my former self 8/30/22

I have almost as much strange luck as I do songs.  If you've gotten this far down the page, I want to hint at what an enormous shot in the arm your kind gesture was for a somewhat beleaguered mama.  Thanks :)

Here's a fictitious hard southern rock joke song about the commodification of women's bodies that my intuition keeps saying might make ya laugh :D

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